Conservation of stationery manuscript in a vellum binding

The book from the notary of Esparraguera belongs to the collection of Sant Feliu de Llobregat notarial district, and it was severely damaged by mould. To the extent to suffer remarkable losses on both folios and covers. The remaining folios were so weak that discouraged even a most careful handling.


Front cover and first folios before conservation (top). First folio after conservation (bottom) which has been lined from both recto and verso.

Unfortunately the losses due to mould attack are quite an irreversible damage. The worse effect being the weakening of the chemical structure of paper, It’s a not so evident damage at first glance but dramatically tangible when it comes to handling.
The folios (or what was left of them) were reinforced lining the most damaged and infilling the losses. As for the cover, the boards were replaced and the vellum infilled.


First folios before conservation (left) and after conservation (right), being lined from both recto and verso.

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