Conservation literature bargain hunting!

My studio has been bargain hunting, and I am absolutely delighted with the results!
ICCROM offers books at great prices (I warned on facebook, no one can tell I kept it for myself). I got hold, for only 17 €, of these four books:

  1. Climate in museums. GUICHEN, Gaël. ICCROM, Roma, 1984. ISBN: 92-9077-082-1.
  2. Solubility and solvents for conservation problems. TORRACA, Giorgio. ICCROM, Roma, 2005. ISBN: 92-9077-196-8.
  3. Conservation des manuscrits de Dunhuang et d’Asie centrale. BRANDT, Astrid; COHEN, Monique. ‘Éstudes et recherches’. Bibliothèque National de France. Paris, 1988. ISBN: 2-7177-2038-3
  4. Conservation of waterlogged wood and wet leather. MÜHLETHALER, Bruno. Eyrolles, Paris, 1973.

Conservation and restoration books bought at ICCROM
The first two are basic and essential manuals: The climate one for anyone interested in heritage conservation, either in the museology field, archival or restoration, as we all know that the key to heritage preservation is a good control of relative humidity and temperature. The second one is indispensable for restorers of any specialty, useful to select the best solvent for each treatment and support.

The manuscripts book… what can I say? Cases of paper restoration are never too many in my library, specially if the book is about unique manuscripts treated with pemier technological resources.

The last book is one of those which one hopes will never be in the need of: typical situation of a book with leather and wood covers, freshly rescued from a sunken ship… and it comes right to your studio, dripping in sea water… daily ordinary situations, of course, in every restoration studio!
Then for these rare cases, or similar ones, it is fantastic to have the paper book to rely upon. Especially for leather: we know little about it and it has a very complex structure that makes its storage and treatment difficult as well.

If I made you jealous, perhaps youre still on time:

Happy holidays!

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