Christmas angels in serious condition,
on their way to full recovery!

We have a very nice poem in Catalan and Spanish to wish you merry Christmas, but unfortunately our english skills are not good enough to translate it properly. Literally, the poem reads:

An angel brings us light,
an angel brings us wine.
We restore these angels
so they’ll do it for a long time.

We wish you merry Christmas
doing what we are good at:
recovering artefacts
for ever well they’ll be.

If we made you happy
and you enjoyed our work
a new year’s bringing
happiness and prosperity for us.

For a wealthy and happy 2020!

Poem: E. A.

Conservators work in progress, reporting fragments's location on a damaged manuscriptsAnd yes, the video is a montage, because the angels are currently at the ICU, with a serious diagnosis of  chronical humidity, binding dislocation, a variety of infections and rodent attack. All in all provoking general weakening and remarkable loss of protein and cellulosic matter.

However the prognosis is optimistic because a high level professional team is taking good care of them. The manuscripts are being cleaned, reinforced and rebound in order to preserve them ravishing… happy as Larry!
Just like in this year’s Christmas card, for which we’ve chosen this 14th century manuscript from the Regional Archive of Baix Ebre (Tortosa, Spain).
Along 2019 we’ve conserved so many beautiful artefacts, and done so many interesting workshops, articles, conferences and courses that the choice has been really hard. Here some of  the concluded projects:


Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation (Switzerland, 2019) Conservation of tracing paper Workshop: Conservation and repair of damaged books Conservation of stationery limp vellum bindings with flap
International Conference on Preservation of the Written Heritage (Sarajevo, Sept. 2019) Method for Silver Mirroring Removal in Photographic Conservation Inpainting & Loss Compensation (Barcelona 2019) Housing and Mounting Photographs for Exhibition (IEFC)
Conservation of preliminary drawing for a tapestry: an oversized gouache on paper Interview to paper conservator Rita Udina Workshop introduction to paper conservation

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Regional Archive of Baix Ebre (Tortosa, Spain) for their trust giving us these precious manuscripts to be conserved, and willingness to share the images on this Christmas greeting post and video.

Former Christmas greetings:
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