A book conservation, the best Christmas gift

Perhaps as a paper and book conservator my preferences are somewhat conditioned, but I am pretty convinced that the best gift for Christmas is the conservation of a book!

Conservation is magical, bringing back to life books that seemed useless.
In this tinniest library many of the books were bound by friends bookbinders and professional coleagues.
Such as Ágnes Nemes (Hungary), Ann Frellsen (USA), Daphné Buisson (France), Josep Cambras, Pere Sacot, Teresa Marquès, Carla Busquets (Catalonia)… and binders from other countries and epoques that I haven’t had the chance nor pleasure to meet!

Merry Christmas to all!

💡 Eulàlia Armengol (idea).
🎥 Pep Soler (Dolly zoom).
🗣️ Jordi Tomàs (book lover’s voice),
🗣️ Gemma Ventura (conservator’s voice).
🎬 Rita Udina (spider, timelapse, editing and director).
🎵 Three princesses of Lilac meadow by Patrick de Arteaga;
🎵 Deck the Halls by R.Tists for Christmas.

video of a mini paper conservator conserving a rare book for a book lover

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