Premiere of the video of the conservation treatment of a map

We are happy to share one of our latest finished projects, the conservation of this hand-coloured map dated 1906 which has kept us really busy!
Find here images of the before and after conservation (first video), and as a premiere, a time lapse showing the  conservation treatment from top to bottom! (second video).
Actually a little snack of the varnish removal process has already been published (watch it here), but the rest of the following treatments shall be displayed on the announced video.

The premiere shall be open to everybody, on line, next Tuesday 27th at 16:02 PM (CEST, UTC+2). You Tube offers some minutes of a live chat after the video, for whoever has any question or doubt. There are subtitles briefly describing the treatment at each moment (in English, Catalan and Spanish). They only need to be activated accordingly on the screw-icon on the right bottom corner of the YouTube video. You can as well access directly each stage of the process through the bookmarks on the description of the video (unfold “more information” on the YouTube video and get right into the desired section.

Remember that you can subscribe to the YouTube channel and will receive an e-mail each time a new video is published.


  1. Jutta Aendenboom 2023-01-10 at 14:43 - Reply

    Very interesting video!
    Can you please let me know what product was used to varnish?
    Kind regards

    • Rita Udina 2023-01-10 at 17:04 - Reply

      Sure, Jutta,
      I varnished with “Polymer varnish with UVLS” from Golden (gloss).
      Kind regards,

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