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¿Wanna see a cool, cool woodworm?
¿the real BOSS among all archives and libraries?

This anobid has had a crash on a wooden log. This magic things can only happen in Christmas. It’s quite difficult to explain the significance of this log with a red hat –barretina-. It belongs to one of the most beloved traditions in catalan culture: On Christmas eve kids hit the log with a stick to make it shit gifts and presents (…yes: shit!). In fact the name of this piece of wood with red hat and intestinal issues is caga tió, which means “log that shits”. The illustration is taken from my Christmas card. Well…. mine and my friends’, the bibliophagists. You can see it here (not translated, sorry!).

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Gone with the wind

I don’t like much having war books, but I must admit that this one is particularly beautiful. The velvet binding seemed to me a challenging issue on the restoration, which did not have major complications besides this. I show the restoration of this book because of the headaches it has given me when solving the lost areas, the wooden work. The considerable losses on a laborious woodcarving work, and the lack of originals of many of the missing pieces fairly complicated the subject (the shields on the corners were different).


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