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The Karibari board is a birch wooden structure similar to a japanese screen. It is like a grid frame that is covered both from the front and from the back side with several japanese paper layers, displayed in a particular way. It would be like a canvas on two sides, but instead of a canvas there are these two layers of paper. Those are impregnated on fermented persimmon juice (kakishibu, is the name of the juice, where kaki is persimmon) which give it a particular transpiratory capacity. This structure is also used in Japan to repair paper or silk artwork, and these techniques have been widely adopted in occident in the recent years, to increase the resorts in paper conservation.

Find below the blog posts related to Karibari:

Sōkō conservation for oversized sketches by Sorolla

Sorolla sketches represent the spontaneity, the genius and the creative stage for its own right. Their conservation shares with them this essentiality, the minimal intervention character. The restoration has adopted japanese tools and techniques, a paper conservation at the most eastern style. Or not that utmost, since the Karibari was replaced by a wooden board. Eastern or western, the restoration of the gouache sketches has been truly remarkable, and you'll have to read it to know why.


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