Conservation of sports posters

  • Owner: Barcelona Municipal Archive (Sants-Montjuïc District).
  • Artefact: Two large scale lithographic posters about the Catalonia Cycling Tour from Sants Sports Club. Also some other smaller posters and a printed brochure about the Tour. 
  • Author: Signed by Ricardo AiA the one from 1941 and by Pallarès (the one from 1942).
  • Damages: Tears, fibre weakening, oxidation, gaps.
  • Intervention: Cleaning, deacidification, consolidation (sizing, lining), flattening, inpainting.
  • Exhibited at: “La volta Ciclista a Catalunya”. C. Creu Coberta, 104. Barcelona (Mo.-Fr. from 10h to 19h, free entrance).

Don’t forget to take a look at the blog post where the restoration is explained in detail, video included!

 XXIIª Vuelta Ciclista Sans XXIIª Vuelta Ciclista SansVIII vuelta ciclista Cataluña XXIª vuelta ciclista Sans  XXIª vuelta ciclista Sans XXIª vuelta ciclista Sans  XXIª vuelta ciclista SansXXIª vuelta ciclista Sans

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