Conservation and housing of parchment manuscripts with sewn repairs

  • Owner: Can Pedrals Library (Granollers, Spain), Diputació de Barcelona.
  • Object: Over 300 parchment manuscripts from different dates.
  • Damages: Folds, wrinkles, cockling, tears, losses, superficial grim and dirt.
  • Conservation treatment:  Dry cleaning, flattening, consolidation of weakened areas, housing.
    Old sewn repairs have been preserved. The structure of manuscripts consisting in two sewn pieces has been preserved too. There have been done individual folders in buffered paper for permanent housing, and also mixed folders (Mylar and cardboard) only for temporary use, for safe handling when consulted by researchers/users.
  • Conservators: Clàudia Callau, Rita Udina.

Conservation of parchment documents and housing in buffered paper foldersConservation of asewn repair on a parchment mansucript

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