Conservation of cartoon drawing of a packed tram

  • Owner: Private collection Gaboche Ars.
  • Artefact: China ink, pencil, watercolour and gouache drawing.
  • Author: Cesc (artistic name of catalan cartoonist Francesc Vila Rufas).
  • Date: 20th c.
  • Damages: Severe discolouration due to light exposure (inner brownish square). Oxidation in the edges (paler perimeter) was much lower because the mat prevented further light damage, hence causing a remarkable stain.
  • Conservation treatment: Dry cleaning, wash cleaning, deacidification, light bleaching and flattening. After deacidification and chemical treatment of discolouration residues the stain was very much reduced, however, this stain was further treated by light bleaching, in order to dimiminsh the jeopardizing squared diference.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.

Ink, gouache and watercolour drawing before and after conservation

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