Impregnated tracing paper with tapes and ball-point pen inscriptions

    • OwnerAssociation of Architects of Catalonia (CoAC).
    • Commissioned by:  Sitges Museums (Sitges, Spain).
    • Object: Impregnated tracing paper architectural drawing.
    • Author: Lluís Domènech i Montaner, catalan architect (1850-1923).
    • Damages: Yellowing, fragmented artwork, wrinkles, tears, pressure sensitive tapes (several types), ball-point pen inscriptions.
    • Conservation treatment: Varnish and tape removal, removal of ball-point pen inscriptions, flattening, consolidation, re-varnished.
    • Conservator: Rita Udina.
    • Exhibited at: The book in Catalonia in time of “Modernisme” (El llibre a Catalunya en temps de Modernisme), Museus de Sitges (Museu Maricel). Exhibition currently posponed.

Conservation of impregnated tracing paper

(Video at a higher speed than real)


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