Conservation of architectural drawings on tracing paper, by Fernando Higueras

  • Owner: Association of Architects of Catalonia (CoAC).
  • Commissioned by: ICO Foundation (Madrid, Spain).
  • Object: Tracing paper and onion-skin plans. Proejct of the Montecarlo Palace and desing for Wütrich house in Papagayo (Canary Islands).
  • Author: Fernando Higueras, Spanish architect.
  • Damages: Fragmented artwork, wrinkles, tears, pressure sensitive tapes.
  • Conservation treatment: Tape removal, flattening, consolidation, housing for exhibition.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.

Read the POST of this project if you feel like knowing more.

Fragmented tracing paper, holded through several pressure sensitive tapes (before conservation)

Flattening under tension with magnets (after pasting the bands) Housing for wrinkeld tracing paper
Architectural drawing. Housing for exhibition

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