Conservation of cartoon drawing by Quino

  • Owner: Private collection Gaboche Ars.
  • Artefact: Cartoon drawing. Artefact: Cartoon drawing. China ink on cardoard with inscriptions on blue pencil made at the press.
  • Author: Quino (Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón).
  • Date: c. 1960.
  • Damages: Severe fold in the center and loss on the right bottom corner. Mild discolouration.
  • Conservation treatment: Dry cleaning, wet cleaning, loss infill, using a piece of the same paper provided by the woner for this purpose. Flattening. Slide the images of the instagram post (below) to see the infill.
  • Conservator: Rita Udina.
  • Other links: Instagram post (below).
Cartoon drawing by Quino before conservation: damaged by wrinkles, folds and tearsCartoon drawing by Quino after conservation (cleaning and flattening)