Conservation of gouache and watercolour drawing on paper

  • Owner: Private collection Gaboche Ars.
  • Artefact: China ink, pencil, watercolour and gouache drawing.
  • Author: Cesc (artistic name of catalan graphic novel artist Francesc Vila Rufas).
  • Date: 20th c.
  • Damages: Severe discolouration due to light exposure, prevented locally in a few spots along the edge (whiter spots), hence causing significant stains.
  • Conservation treatment: Dry cleaning, wash cleaning, deacidification, light bleaching, flattening and inpainting. After deacidification and chemical treatment of discolouration residues the stains werevery much reduced, however, they were further treated by light bleaching, and a final retouch of the less discoloured spots, so that they highlight less.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.

Before and after conservation of a gouache drawing (digitally merged image)