Conservation of preliminary drawing for a tapestry: an oversized gouache on paper

  • Owner: Sant Cugat Council (Barcelona, Spain).
  • Object: Preliminary drawing for a carpet, an oversized gouache on paper. Measures: 190 x 55 cm.
  • Date: 20th century.
  • Damages: Cockling, big tears, tapes on the back side, glue remnants on the recto, powdery painting surface, dirt.
  • Conservation treatment: Dry cleaning, consolidation, backing with japanese tissue (washi). Flattening, loss compensation (in-painting). Read the POST of this project if you feel like knowing more.
  • Conservators: Càudia Callau, Hollie Drinkwater, Rita Udina.
  • Exhibited at: Center Grau-Garriga for Textile Contemporary Art (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain).
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 Conservation of preliminary drawing for a carpet. Before (top, foto: Pep Soler) and after (bottom) conservation process.
↑”Before conservation” photograph (top): Pep Soler; “after”‘s (bottom): Rita Udina.

Conservation of preliminary drawing for a carpet: retouching process