Conservation of parchment codex with wooden boards

  • Owner: Sant Martí Sarroca council (Barcelona, Spain).
  • Object: Manuscripted codex, with parchment sheets and wooden boards covered with leather. 16th century score with gregorian songs from the chapel Sant Pere ad Vincula of the Vernet tower.
  • Damages: Mold, woodworm and rat losses, mutilation, Infecció i floritures, llacunes per rosegadors, corcs, mutilacions, failure of the sewing, loss of the locks and other elements, abrasion of the leather, wrinkles on the parchment sheets.
  • Conservation treatment: Mold treatment, cleaning, flattening of the parchment sheets, sewing, leather conservation treatment, restitution of the lost locks and treatment of the old remnants, bookbinding on the original covers…

Wooden boards book before (top) and after (below) conservation treatment

Parchment sheets. Before (left) and after (right) the conservation teatment

Bronze locks before (left) and after (right) the conservation treatment

Customers and years