Conservation of poster with loss in the image

  • Owner: Film Library of Catalonia
  • Artefact: Poster of the film No man of her own (translated to Spanish as “Mentira latente”), first displayed 1951. Lithographic printed paper.
  • Author (of the Spanish version poster): José Peris Aragó.
  • Damages: Severe folds, tears, fragmentation, paper losses right in the face of the protagonist (Barbara Stanwyck)..
  • Conservation treatment: Dry cleaninng, wet cleaning and deacidification, consolidation (tears mending, gaps infilling, lining), flattening and inpainting. The inpainting criteria is deceptive, reproducing a digital version of another poster that was complete.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.
Lithographic poster with losses. Before conservation

Before conservation.

Backed poster without in-painting

Backed poster without in-painting.

After deceptive in-painting

After deceptive in-painting.


Left: backed poster. Right: in-painted poster.
Scroll from the image centre towards left and right to see before and after the loss retouch.