Conservation of racing cars poster
A lithograph by Spanish painter Cidón, dated 1922

  • Owner: Private collection Vergès-Fontanals.
  • Object: Lithographic print, a poster of the 2nd edition of the car race “Armangué Trophy”, organized by the Royal Motorcycle Club of Catalonia.
  • Author: Drawing by the Spanish painter Francisco de Cidón Navarro (Valencia, 1871 – Zaragoza, 1943). Printer and lithographer: J. Ortega (Valencia, Spain), the paradigmatic printing factory form Valencia, operating between 1871 and 2008.
  • Damages: Silver fish losses (lepisma saccharina), folds, dirt.
  • Conservation treatment: Wet cleaning, flattening, consolidation of losses (infilling) and inpaintig (retouch).
  • Conservators: Ana Tourais, Rita Udina.
  • Other links: Read the POST of this project if you want to see the inpainting process (and also see video below, rewind to see it from the beginning).

Conservation of a lithographic print, a racing car poster (before and after)
Photographs: Pep Soler.

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