Conservation of “The Disasters of War”, by Goya

  • Owner: Private collector.
  • Object: The Disasters of War (“Los desastres de la guerra”), series of 80 prints, dated between 1810 and 1820. They belong to the 1863 first printed edition.
  • Author: Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828).
  • Damages: Slight discolouration on the edges, stains of both animal and sinthetic glue, fatty stains and/or other stains, tide lines due to a former bleaching treatment.
  • Conservation treatment: Detachment of the bookbinding, dry cleaning, stain removal, wet cleaning and deacidification, consolidation (mending), flattening under tension.
  • Exhibited in:
  • Conservators: Márk Somogyi, Rita Udina.
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First edition, 1863 (title). CLICK!Wet cleaning and deacidification. CLICK!
Stain removal and mending. CLICK!Bleaching stain. CLICK!
Disasters #52: No llegan a tiempo (detail)Márk Somogyi, mending. CLICK!Flattening under tension. CLICK!Print #51 before and after conservation. CLICK!