Conservation and repair of damaged books

  • Course: Conservation and repair of damaged books.
  • Duration: Workshop with theoretic and practical sessions (16 hours). First edition consisted in 12 hours, that have been extended to the current 16.
  • Organization: Barcelona Libraries.
  • Venue: Library Montserrat Abelló (Barcelona, Spain).
  • Language: Catalan.
  • Audience: Librarians (10 pax).
  • Sponsor: Neschen

Editions until now: 2019, 2018.

Theoretical and practical workshop in which we’ll learn to look at books in order to understand their structure: case bound bindings, paperback, perfect bindings, with or without sewing, hard or soft covers, tight back or hollow spine.
Only afterwards it is possible to make the proper diagnosis of damage, in order to proceed to the repair practice.

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