Stationery limp vellum binding with flap

  • Owner: Private collection.
  • Artefact:  Stationery limp vellum binding with flap. 18th century. Manuscripted cook book with recipes.
  • Damages: Parchment loss on the spine and front cover. The locks were broken, and so were the leather reinforcements on the spine, in which de sewing is held. The parchment had been soaked in oil in former interventions to “protect” it, provoking great oxidation and drying of the parchment.
  • Conservation treatment: Repair of the structural damages, cleaning, consolidation. Reinforcing of the sewing and replacement of the broken locks. The parchement has been cleaned, lined, infilled with japanese paper and flattened under tension. Re-binding in the original restored covers.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.

Limp vellum binding with flap, conservation treatment (before and after)

Flattened under tension of the parchment covers

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