Course: Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation (Premià, 2017)

Escoda brushes

  • Course title: Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation.
  • Project: Workshop with practical and theoretical sessions (21 hours).
  • Teachers: Amparo Escolano, Rita Udina.
  • Organisation: Rita Udina.
  • Contents (theory and practice):
    Techniques, materials and products to infill and in-paint. Use of micro-powdered cellulose in paper conservation, mould casting of textures (either acrylic or cellulose powdered based), matching colour with paper pulp, dyes and colorants, colour, light, tools, criteria, un-restoration, digital retouch, tips and tricks for retouching.
  • Venue: Rita Udina conservation studio (Barcelona, Spain).
  • Language: English.
  • Dates: 18-20th Decmbre, 2017.
  • Audience: Paper conservators in practice.
  • Other links: Facebook album; Pinterest board.
  • Course reviews: AICCM National Newsletter No 141, march 2018 (by Katie Wood); Hungarian National Archive – Aarchív Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár, Decembre 2017 (by Ágnes Nemes).
Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation. Barcelona, 2017.

From left to right: Rita Udina, Katie Wood (International Conservation Services, Australia), Joan Samuels (Fabian Restauratoren, Switzerland), Ágnes Nemes (National Archive, Hungary), Nico Lingbeek (Lingbeek Papierrrestauratie, Netherlands), Amparo Escolano (South Florida Art Conservation, USA), Paulina Kralka (Polland) and Kristina Lukoseviciene (National Library, Lithuania).
Not in the image: Manuela Belli (Italy); Laura Chignoli (Italy); Isabelle Egan (Book & Paper Gathering, United Kingdom), Jillian Gregory (Bethlem Museum, United Kingdom).

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