Course: “Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation” (Granada, 2018)

Escoda brushes

Course Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation (Granada 2018)
Mould casting to obtain paper, leather and other textures  on paper conservation Infilling with “manual” leafcasting, paper pulp has been previously coloured to match the colour.  Retouching practice.(matching tone, colour and sheen) Retouching practice.(matching tone, colour and sheen)Retouching practice with Escoda Brushes  on paper conservation Textured paper reproduction with cellulose powder and silicone moulds on paper conservation Toning powdered micro-cellulose  on paper conservation Using cellulose powder drops and films to cover stains  on paper conservation Retouching practice(matching tone, colour and sheen)  on paper conservationCreating cellulose powder films to cover stains  on paper conservation  Program

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