Course: “Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation’ (Barcelona, 2019)

Escoda brushes Golden Artist Colors Premià de Mar (Barcelona, SPAIN)

Zulerma Marín and Antonio Mirabile at the paper conservation workshop Amparo Escolano and Kari Greve at the paper conservation workshop Vivian Yip and Laurent Cruveillier at the paper conservation workshop
Powdered and toned micro-cellulose for inpainting and infilling on paper conservation Cèlia Realp and Zulema Marín at the paper conservation workshop Golden acrylic paints and gels from Artists Colors
Vivian Yip and Kari Greve at the paper conservation workshop Zulema Marín and Xavi Valldeperas, from Escoda brushes, looking at latest Escoda productsservation workshop

Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation (Barcelona 2019)

From left to right: Antonio Mirabile (independent conservator in Paris), Amparo Escolano (SFLAC, Palm Beach), Kari Greve (The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo), Vivian Yip (Tate Gallery, London), Cèlia Realp (National Archive of Andorra), Zulema Marín (Archiv des Bistums Augsburg), Laurent Cruveiller (University College, London), Xavi Valldeperas (Escoda Brushes) and Rita Udina.

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