Course: “Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation” (Leiden, 2019)

Escoda brushesErfgoed Leiden en Omstreken

Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation (Leiden, 2019) From left to right , top to bottom (photo: Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken – Jan Lagas):

  • Constant Lem, Natasha Herman, Paul de Greeuw, Francien van Daalen, Fleur van der Woude, Imke Neels,
  • Amparo Escolano, Anne Roos, Eliane Gomes, Rita Udina,
  • Nora van der Veer-Curpan, Annet Doves, Alexandra Nederlof, Rachelle Keller, Jessica Hensel and Edith Greuter.

Silicone mould casting - texture matching Suitability of powdered cellulose on paper conservation Infilling with hand-made leafcasting paper pulp Infilling with hand-made leafcasting paper pulp Inpainting and Loss Compensation on paper conservation Silicone mould casting on paper conservation Silicone mould casting Retouching with acrylic paint

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