Course: Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation (Oslo, 2022)

  • Course title: Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation.
  • Project: Workshop with practical and theoretical sessions (21 hours).
  • Teachers: Amparo Escolano, Rita Udina.
  • Organization: Tina Grette Poulsson.
  • Contents (theory and practice):
    Techniques, materials and products to infill and in-paint. Use of micro-powdered cellulose in paper conservation, mould casting of textures (either acrylic or cellulose powdered based), matching colour with paper pulp, dyes and colorants, colour, light, tools, criteria, un-restoration, digital retouch, tips and tricks for retouching.
  • Venue: National Museum (Oslo, NORWAY).
  • Language: English.
  • Dates: October 18-20th, 2022.
  • Audience: Book, paper and photograph conservators in practice.
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Photographs: Børre Høstland,
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