Movie posters conservation

  • Owner: Private collection.
  • Artefacts: Printed poster Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy, 105 x 68 cm (1968); and a large scale lithographic poster À bout de souffle… (160 x 120 cm),1960.
  • Authors: I don’t know on the first one, and Clément Hurel for the second.
  • Damages: Tears, folds, some ancient retouching.
  • Restoration treatments: Cleaning, reinforcing (lining), flattening and retouching.
À bout de souffle...

We know how actresses are… Jean Seberg didn’t want to be less than Jane Fonda, so we left her a cutis that honours her youth. (The image is a digital photomontage of the poster before -top- and the after -bottom- of the restoration).

Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy

Jane Fonda looks gorgeous after this lifting! We have removed the wrinkles and folds that damaged her face and looks AMAZING again! (The image is a digital photomontage of the poster before -top- and the  after -bottom- of the restoration).

I have restored large-scale posters, much bigger than these ones, and yet I scarcely remember one other case in which the paper was so big, a single piece. Usually large works are made by several pieces of paper, but this was not the case. Seberg … you are GREAT!