Lecture: ‘Impregnated Tracing Paper Conservation’ (ICON Book & Paper)

  • Organization: Icon Book and Paper Group (London).
    Webinar series Conservation Together At Home #31.
  • Lecture: Conservation of Impregnated Tracing Paper.
    This lecture was held first in the Hague (Netherlands), in the Symposium Technical Drawings and Reproductions, organized by Restauratoren Nederland (October 2014). The study cases discussed then belong to the collection of CoAC (Architects Association of Catalonia).
    Now the lecture is revisited, updated and with a few study cases more, from Art Center Grau-Garriga (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona) and Municipal Archive of Renteria (Basque Country, Spain).
  • Speaker: Rita Udina.
  • Fee: Free entrance.
  • Submit here:  (registration closed).
  • Date: June 9th, 2020, at 4:00 pm BST (London time).
  • Abstract:
    Impregnated, prepared, vellum or oiled papers are different names for this type of tracing paper that was produced by coating the paper with a varnish in order to make it translucent.
    Most commonly used oils have inherent oxidizing features, making the paper brittle and acidic after time. Fragility may be such that dissuade against any manipulation, since a regular handling might involve tears. The varnish also prevents cellulose from moisturising normally and its conservation is therefore quite complex. A replacement of the varnish intends to stop oxidation and enable wet treatments in order to improve the paper condition as well as maintain its transparency.
  • Other links: Pdf notes of the powerpoint presentation, Conservation Together At Home Webinar series. Video of the lecture (below), with Spanish and Catalan subtitles.
    This lecture is a revision of the same one at the University of Granada two months before. Here’s the link to the Spanish version of the lecture. You can download the postprints of the peer reviewed published chapter here.
    Read also the blog post about the first lecture (2014).

(I must correct myself in the misuse of the word “rows”, which meant to say “columns”, at the very last slide, from the minute 54′ on… my appologies for the confusion!)


(si obres el vídeo a YouTube, pots configurar els subtítols per a veure la traducció dels textos)

(vídeo a velocitat superior a la real)

Restauració de plànol a llapis en paper vegetal impregnat (Planta del Col·legi Valldemia.). restauració de dibuix a gouache i pastel en paper vegetal impregnat

Restauració de paper vegetal impregnat, dibuix a llapis de Domènech i Montaner

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