Limp vellum binding conservation

  • Owner: Private collection.
  • Artefact: Semi limp vellum binding (semi because the cardboards inside the covers provide it a certain body, even if they are not pasted onto the parchment). 17th-18th century. Printed book.
  • Damages: Parchment loss on the spine, locks were lost too. Some synthethic glue had been formerly adhered onto the front cover, to fix the broken parchment into it (darker area). Severe structural damages: loose covers due to the breakage of the thongs and endbands cores.
  • Conservation treatment: Repair of the structural damages, consolidation. Reinforcing of the sewing, new headbands and replacement of the broken thongs and locks.The parchment has been cleaned, lined, infilled with japanese paper and flattened under tension. Re-binding.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.

Semi limp vellum binding conservation treatment (before and after)

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