Conservation of gouache on paper, painting by Joan Ponç

  • Owner: Private collection.
  • Object“Gran Pastoral”, gouache on paper, 83 x 112 cm.
  • Author: Joan Ponç, 1948.
  • Damages: The artwork was lined on a Kraft paper with tapes and synthetic adhesives. It had losses and tears, and remarkable oxidation damage. The paper was extremely brittle.
  • Conservation treatment: Tape and synthetic adhesives removal, capillary wash and light bleaching, infilling of losses, lining, inpainting (mimetic criteria in the small ones, neutral color in the bigger ones). Flattening. See other images on the facebook album.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina, Eugènia Piferrer.
  • Exhibited at: Joan Ponç: Diabolo. La Pedrera (Barcelona, Spain). 6-X-2017 to 4-II-2018.

Before conservation Joan Ponç "Gran Pastoral" (després )
Light bleaching and capillary wash Infilling and lining (back) Before and after conservation (detail)Before and after conservation (detail)
Gouache on paper in-painting treatment (after cleaning, after inpainting)

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