Conservation of books from INSPAI

  • Owner: INSPAI, Image Centre (Girona Provincial Council).
  • Object: Ancient books.
  • Damages: Dismemberment (detached covers), tattered edges, loose leaves.
  • Restoration treatment: Structural restoration (assembling covers and restoring the broken stithching) cleaning, mending the tattered edges, leather hydration and nourishing. The tight spine has been turned to hollow to avoid damages during handling.
  • Assistant: Pere Sacot

These two books have very different structure: the soft binding album has a cordless machine sewing, while the half -leather book ahs a recessed-cord sewing. Despite these differences they have in common that the weight of the book exceeded the possibilities of their sewn, so in both cases it was necessary to find a solution that enhanced the strength of the original structure, without compromising its external appearance. We’re very satisfied because although the books have gained in strength, nothing outside reveals the structural changes that have been made.

Click on each image for further information about the book and get details of the restoration treatment.

Àlbum Meravella Àlbum MeravellaGeografia General de Catalunya



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