Conservation of iron-gall ink manuscript (a musical score)

  • Owner: Documentation Centre of the Orfeó Català – Palau de la Música (Barcelona).
  • Artefact: Manuscripted score on iron-gall ink and laid paper. Renaissance binding on reversed leather and cotton locks. 1643.
  • Damages: Corrosion of iron-gall ink and paper. The binding had remarakable losses and damages.
  • Conservation treatment: Wet cleaning, deacidification, phytate treatment (phytic acid) of the inks. Consolidation of the sheets (lining). Restoration of the bookbinding.

Before and after upper corner of reverse leather bindingTest previous to acid phytic (Fe+2) and pH test Inner cord of the headband under the endleaf Renaissance binding in reverse leather Iron gall ink manuscript before and after calcium phytate treatment

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