Conservation of Salvador Dalí’s “Peerless” suitcase

  • Owner: Private collector
  • Artefact: Suitcase owned by Salvador Dalí. “Peerless” brand (since there’s a bespoke label close to the handle with Salvador Dalí’s initials in gilded leather).
    It is made of wood, leather, fabric and metal.
    There’s a paper boarding label attached on the luggage and dated 1948, with Salvador Dalí’s name.
    The inner cloth wrapper of the case is in pristine condition.
  • Damages: Abrasion of the leather corners, stains and dust on the fabric, rust on the metal locks which had been treated with some greasy product.
  • Conservation treatment: Cleaning. Dry cleaning, stain removal from the fabric.
    Rust and fat remants removal from the locks (without removing the metal patina).
    Consolidation of the bigger losses on the leather that involve further degradation.
    The paper label is left as it was not to alter the authenticity of the object.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.