Tailored workshop: Photographs, carte-de-visite and autographs conservation (Premià, 2022)

  • Participants: Tamino Autographs (NY).
  • Course: Workshop on Paper & Photographs Preservation and Conservation
  • Dates: June 2022.
  • Duration: 3 days (20 hours)
  • Venue: The conservator’s lab (Premià de Mar, Barcelona).
  • Teacher: Rita Udina.
  • Programe: Theoretic and practical sessions.

Day 1:
General treatments on paper Conservation:
Dry cleaning, tape (and old paper repairs) removal, local wet cleaning. Flattening. Some gels might be used for the old repairs removal.
Materials, tools, equipment.
Paper and photographs Conservation: possibilities and incompatibilities. Photographic techniques, preservation.

Day 2:
Mending and infilling, toning paper. Chemical aspects on paper Conservation: deacidification, chelation, bleaching.
Basic conservation treatments on photographs. Silver mirroring removal.

Day 3: Practicing on the aforementioned topics.
Suppliers and materials: tools, products, storage equipment, adhesives…

The workshop is planned to give effective tips and tricks to execute successful treatments on paper and photograph Conservation, providing a theoretical background with reference papers and literature.
It is preferred that the samples to work with are provided by the attendee, so that the type of object in which the practice is executed matched the desired and actual needs. As for tools and other materials, the workshop is fully equipped and no tools are required. However, it is recommended that the attendee brings their own basic/preferred tools. The appropriateness can then be discussed, and a more similar experience to the future practice can be achieved.
nce to the future practice can be achieved.