Workshop: Wet treatments
of Works on Paper (Köln, 2021)

  • Workshop: Wet Treatments of Works on Paper, in Conservation.
  • Organized by: Andrea Pataki-Hundt. CICS Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences.  Technology Art Sciences Köln (TH Köln), Germany.
  • Teacher: Rita Udina.
  • Attendees: Restricted to the students of the Bachelor’s program of Conservation and Restoration of Art and Cultural Property.
  • Venue:  Conservation and Restoration of Art and Cultural Property (Bachelor’s program). OnLine workshop.
  • Dates: July 5-6, 2021 (full day).
  • Language: English
  • Program: Theoretical and practical sessions. When to apply acqueous treatments on paper, and how. From the basis of handling wet paper to more complex moisturizing, humidification and washing techniques (slant washing, capillary washing…).
    Fugitivity tests, types of inks and their properties, and many case studies to show conservation treatments on real artwork: manuscripts and documents, drawings, watercolours, pastels, charcoal drawings…