Workshop: Wet treatments of
Works on Paper (Amsterdam, 2021)

  • Workshop: Wet Treatments of Works on Paper, in Conservation.
  • Organized by: Cristina Duran Casanovas. Master of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (UvA University of Amsterdam, Netherlands).
  • Teacher: Rita Udina.
  • Venue: University of Amsterdam. Ateliergebouw of the Rijkmusem. Classroom workshop.
  • Language: English.
  • Attendees: Restricted to the students of the Masters program of Conservation and Restoration.
  • Dates: September, 28-30th, 2021 (24 hours).
  • Program:
    This workshop offers an overview of the basic treatments on paper. We all know the theory! But, beware… do we apply it properly?  Do we read into the tests and analysis in the right way?This course is meant to give you: 

    • The keys to perform simple treatments in a most efficient way
    • Seek for the adequate sequence of the different treatments
    • Clues to improve your professional skills and make the best of your tools
    • Hints to avoid setbacks
    • Tips from a senior conservator

    The practice will be based on hands on exercises on real works on paper  and the theoretical part is mostly a study cases discussion.
    Theoretical and practical sessions. When to apply acqueous treatments on paper, and how.

    Targeted topics: From the basis of handling wet paper to more complex moisturizing, humidification and washing techniques (capillary and slant washing, etc.). Fugitivity tests, types of inks and their properties. Case studies on real artwork to show conservation treatments: manuscripts and documents, drawings, watercolours, pastels, charcoal drawings…