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Published projects


Find below the portfolio projects related to Museums:

Video about the profession of book and paper conservator

What does a paper conservator do? Whom does she work for? What skills and knowledge does she ought to have? Preservation and conservation, a field linked to science, history and arts and crafts. The video shows -among other- how we produce a hand-made suction table to restore paper artifacts, with loads of creativity, a feature most necessary to become book and paper conservator.

Conservation of gouache on paper, painting by Joan Ponç

"Gran Pastoral", gouache on paper, 83 x 112 cm. The artwork was lined on a Kraft paper with tapes and synthetic adhesives. It had losses and tears, and remarkable discolouration. The paper was extremely brittle. Tape and synthetic adhesives removal. Capillary wash and light bleaching, infilling of losses, lining, inpainting (mimetic criteria in the small ones, neutral color in the bigger ones).

Facsimile of the first Pharmacy graduation photograph (University of Barcelona, 1901)

What is a facsimile and what is it used for? Is it a forgery? Why the graduation photographs of the first pharmacists generation was mutilated during the Spanish Civil War? Facsimiles, also known as original copies or reproductions, are a very good solution when we want to disseminate an artefact with restricted availability due to poor condition state or unique character.


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