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Video about the profession of book and paper conservator

What does a paper conservator do? Whom does she work for? What skills and knowledge does she ought to have? Preservation and conservation, a field linked to science, history and arts and crafts. A video explains what differenciates us from forgers and shows -among other- how we produce a hand-made suction table to restore paper artifacts, with loads of creativity, a feature most necessary to become book and paper conservator.

Russian posters conservation

Lithographic posters with communist propaganda, dating 1959. Author: Valentin Viktorof. Lithographs with severe folds, pressure-sensitive tapes, tears, dirt, slight cockling and paper losses. Conservation: Dry cleaninng, tape removal, wet cleaning and deacidification, consolidation (tears mending, gaps infilling, lining), flattening and inpainting.


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