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Hello friends, colleagues and followers!
Papeles en el balcón (“Papers at the balcony”) is an initiative of the University of Granada to keep the educational resources online in this moment of lockdown.
I must thank Professor Teresa Espejo, paper conservation professor at the University of Granada (Spain) for having this idea and making it possible, as well as for giving me the chance to participate in it.

Within all the conferences, the one on Tuesday 21st will have two parts:
A first one, very short, that will consist in a video of a conservation project, and the second one, going deeper into impregnated tracing paper conservation. The video can be understood in any language, so even if the conference will be held in Spanish, I encourage you all to assist at least at the first 15 minutes.

  • First section consists on a world premier, showing a project in which I have been working lately that can be of interest for a wide audience, from conservators to people who is curious about heritage conservation.
    The conservation project consists on an overwhelming oversized paper object. The conservation techniques being used are already known, but with an absolute innovative machinery.
    It is a wonderful occasion to know paper conservation in a plane way, as well as the opportunity for conservation to see paper conservation from another point of view.
  • The second part will be in Spanish, and will focus on the conservation of impregnated tracing paper. It is in fact the same talk given in the Symposium Technical drawings and reproductions, organized by Restauratoren Nederland, that took place in the Hage (Netherlands) in 2014, this time in Spanish. The content of this conference is shown in this blog post.
    Besides from the study cases already explained then, all of them from the Architects Association of Catalonia, I will include some other more recent study cases, for instance the conservation of a pencil drawing with tapes, manuscript by Domènech i Montaner. If it weren’t because of the lockdown, this drawing would be now exhibited at the Maricel Museum, in Sitges (Barcelona, Spain). The conservation of this pastel and gouache drawing on impregnated tracing paper will also be discussed.



Conservation of impregnated tracing paper with ball-point pen inscription  Conservation of a gouache and pastel drawing on impregnated tracing paper. Restauració de dibuix a pastel i guaix en paper vegetal impregnat
I welcome you all next tuesday at 21st at 11h, in the YouTube channel of the University of Granada, to watch the conference live. If you are not on time or cannot assist, do not worry, because the conference is just here:

See you soon!




  • Professor Teresa Espejo, from the University of Granada, for making everything so easy, as well as for this brigh idea that she is carrying out so successfully.
  • Architects Association, for counting me in on conservation projects of beautiful drawings of their collection.
  • Private collection March i Moles, for lending me their objects and alowing me full creativity in their conservation treatment.

Videos, links, references and literature mentioned during the lecture:


Blog posts and published projects:

Other online resources:



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