Russian posters conservation

  • Owner: Private collection.
  • Artefact: Two lithographic posters with communist propaganda, dating 1959.
  • Author: Valentin Viktorof.
  • Damages: Severe folds, tape reinforcings at the back, tears, dirt, slight cockling, paper losses.
  • Conservation treatment: Dry cleaninng, tape removal, wet cleaning and deacidification, consolidation (tears mending, gaps infilling, lining), flattening and inpainting.
  • Conservators: Àlex Rocosa, Márk Somogyi, Rita Udina.
  • Other links: Post about the neutral colour field applied in these posters.
Before / during /after conservation

Lenin, before and after conservation.
Printed poster, 65 x 101 cm, 1959. мы придем к победе коммунисцтиссесьзково труда (“We will come to a communist labour victory”). Private collector. Photomerge of two images corresponding to the previous state of the poster (top) and after the conservation treatment (bottom).

Before / during /after conservation

Russian rocket, before (top) and after (bottom) conservation.
Printed poster, 57 x 107 cm, Valentin Viktorof, 1959. во имя мира и пгogreссa! (“In the name of peace and progress!”). Private collection. Top image corresponds the stage before conservation treatment, and bottom image after the treatment.

Before / during /after conservation

Conservator Àlex removing pressure-sensitive tapes from the verso.
Left: The poster had plenty of tapes and scotchs of all kinds (before conservation). Right: conservator Àlex Rocosa removing pressure sensitive tapes (masking tape removal).

Before / during /after conservation

Loss treatment: dyeing and in-painting.
On the left, paper samples after dyeing to infill the lost area. Fastusol dyes were used at the edges (pale colours) and acrylic paint for the dark blue. At the right, the papers chosen for the infilling cut to match the lost area.

Conservator Àlex backing the poster (left: infilling, right: lining).

Conservator Àlex backing the poster (left: infilling, right: lining).
During the infilling process, applying dyed paper with acrylic painting on the back of the poster.

Before / during /after conservation

Before / during /after conservation.
Animation of three images, corresponding to 3 different stages of the cosnervation treatment: Before (big white gap at the right, folds and tears), after flattening and infilling and the third one after inpainting the small losses, at the end of the conservation treatment.