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Published projects


Find below the portfolio projects related to TREATMENT:

Map by Blaeu cartographers

Conservation of 17th c. map by Blaeu dutch cartographers, 1630 Hand coloured print with gouach and golden paint. It had kraft paper patches and discolouration caused mainly by light exposure. The conservation treatment consisted on dry cleaning, old repairs removal, wet cleaning (slanted capillary wash) and flattening.

Course: Match your infill (Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, 2023)

Techniques, materials and products to infill and in-paint. Techniques, materials and products to infill an in-paint. Use of micro-powdered cellulose in paper conservation, mould casting of textures (either acrylic or cellulose powdered based), matching colour with paper pulp, dyes and colorants, digital retouch, colour, tips and tricks for retouching.

Peasant Syndicate Book

Not all artefacts can be loaned for exhibition, either because they are very damaged or very valuable. The facsimile is a very good alternative in these cases. Reproduction of the limp parchment binding with long-stitch sewing and the laid paper textblock.


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