Conservation of recycled limp vellum wallet binding

  • Owner: Regional Arhchive of Urgell (Tàrrega, Catalonia), mediated by National Arhcive of Catalonia (Catalonia Government).
  • Object: “Llibre de la Cort del Batlle” (book of the mayor’s court), medieval manuscript in laid paper with limp vellum binding, a former wallet binding, a binding with a flap. The turnins of the covers have alum tawed leather tackets. Sewn on the binding.
  • Date: 1634.
  • Damages: Severe creases and wrinkles on the covers, misplacing of the spine, lack of flap and button. Tattered edges. Grease stains.
  • Conservation treatment:
    Dismantling, mould treatment, consolidation and tear mending on most damaged folios, Covers’ flattening, replacement of leather tackets, new lock and flap. New sewing reproducing the old one.
  • Conservators: Paula Bueso, Rita Udina.
  • Project lead by: Rita Udina.
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  • 00:00 – Conductor introduces the speaker
  • 00:42 – Introduction
    • 01:06 – A) What is reuse with diverse purpose (disjecta membra)
    • 01:55 – B) What is reuse with diverse purpose
  • 02:12 – A) Recycling with diverse purpose (disjecta membra)
    • 02:28 – a1) Parchment manuscript used as a binding (Incunabula from Girona).
    • 04:53 – a2) Parchment manuscript used as a binding (manuscript from Lleida).
    • 07:41 – 1 vs 2. Are old repairs and re-used materials compatible with conservation requirements and to what extent their removal involves loss of readability?
    • 08:40 Decision making for disjecta membra materials (A).
  • 09:17 – B) Reuse with same puprpose (palimpsest binding)
  • 21:29 – Conclusion
  • 23:41 – Acknowledgement
  • 24:06 – Questions

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